Nick Vaccaro BBB rating

My goal has always been to be the best at what I do.  While I work in an increasingly difficult industry, my clients are my number one priority.  Too many people in the Banking and Real Estate industry are only out for themselves.  It’s important for me to have a good relationship with all of my clients.  That’s why I’ve always tried to explain and educate during and after the process to help my clients understand the inner workings of the mortgage industry.

An A+ rating may not be important to some, but maintaining it has always been extremely important to me. Thanks for taking the time to see what past clients are saying about me.

Nick Vaccaro



Nick and Stephen worked tirelessly to get our VA loan pushed through in just 21 days.  This is a process that at its shortest usually takes 30 days.  Being able to move into our new home over a week ahead of schedule made our transition smooth and enjoyable.  The significant amount of money that they saved us through their systems of discounts and HIGHLY competitive rates will be enjoyed for decades to come.  I have and will continue to refer anyone I know to Nick and Stephen that is interested in a mortgage product.

Joseph Strumolo, Captain USMC


Thanks again for all of your hard work!  Hope all is well.



…The duration of the refinance effort on all ends captured a rare time in our lives.  Never had this family been hit with such diversity and been challenged to rely on each other to achieve.  I believe  the entire experience was able to get us closer as family unit. We achieved together & beat life’s challenges as it laid out during this refinance.  Unfortunately, on May 5th bad news could not be corrected, I lost a special person in my life – Michael SXXX (Name withheld) whom I deployed with into Afghanistan.   Yesterday evening, I had attended a celebration ceremony to reflect on his spectacular life which was cut short at the early age of thirty-five.  Knowing that this refinance concluded officially yesterday marks an coincidental & emotional milestone on many fronts.  The conclusion of this refinance, brings a shining diamond, to one of the toughest starts of all our years together for my wife & I.  Does this milestone signify the end of an unfortunate streak – I sure hope so.  Time can only tell  and time is what this refinance has given us going forward in the next few uncertain Janet Yellen navigated years.  What I’m sure about is that this refinance gives our family opportunity to execute our financial play book into the next decade.  I thank you for helping our family & being part of this historical effort.


Best Regards,

E. Bryant




Dear Nick:

I’m so grateful for your amazing assistance in helping me sell my first FSBO with the sale of my parents and my sister’s home for 38 years in Daly City, CA.  Thank you very much for also providing our Buyer the best VA rate available for him.

We had challenges with our Buyer along the way but through it all, you kept us grounded.  The last email you sent to our Buyer was truly awesome with your so ever detailed and thorough explanations that saved the sale!  Your experience in the lending industry and work ethic are phenomenal!

My four brothers and three sisters all thank you too for all your awesome assistance!  We will most definitely recommend you!



Malou Sana


Nick Vaccaro and his team offered me the best rate out there – hands down! However, beyond the financing aspect of buying a house, lies the customer service component, of which Nick’s team excels.

Let me tell you – there was nothing simple about what I requested of Nick’s office. I was a first time home buyer in a “For Sale By Owner” ordeal. Complicating matters, I’m a veteran, and VA home loans have a reputation for being exceptionally difficult to wrap-up. Nick and his team are extremely competent in negotiating these types of loans – there were no fumbles.

Whether you’re well connected and were referred to speak with Nick Vaccaro or you simply stumbled upon this website – count yourself lucky. You’re in store for top-notch customer service and the lowest mortgage rates around. Give him a call or send an email and see for yourself.


U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


First of all, I want to thank you for all your patience and your help with my Father’s refinance. The process was starting to be a nightmare after Bank of America could not help out my dad to do the refinance, but thanks to you and Stearns Lending Inc everything was resolved the best way possible.

My family is really happy with all your services and will definitely recommend the company to other family and Friends.

Thank you for all of your help.

Nancy Fierro


Even after lots of research and HGTV viewing, as first time homebuyers we felt clueless. Which made working with Nick all the more valuable.  Not only did he get us a much better rate than was quoted by other brokers, but he also took the time to make sure we understood every part of the process – whether it had to do with the loan or not.  We ended up having a fairly complicated deal, but the whole process felt smooth because we knew Nick had things under control and kept us up to speed as everything fell into place – plus with a rebate we got from doing our VA loan through him rather than a larger institution, we had almost all of our closing costs covered!  And to top it off, even after we closed Nick made the effort to follow-up and make sure we were happy with everything.

We cannot recommend him highly enough, thanks Nick! –

Jake & Elle

US Air Force


I have enjoyed doing business with Nick Vaccaro since 2010. He has helped me in ways that no other company has helped me. He is an honest and trustworthy man. He has always answered me promptly when I had a question. Nick has made me feel like family and I believe he really cares about his clients. We have become friends in the short time I have known him. If I have a question about anything financial, I always turn to Nick.

Jean Pridemore

If you are looking for the best rate, best loan program, and best service possible you must call Nick Vaccaro.  Nick provided an incomparable level of knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.  Nick’s approach was honest and straight-forward; he was responsive and energetic; and delivered on his commitments in a timely and effective manner.  He was always available to answer questions and mitigate concerns and was so personable that I truly felt like I had a friend working for (and with) me through the entire process.

As a broker, Nick has access to over 100 lenders and can beat the top-tier lenders’ rates and turn-around times!  And with such a large number of lenders to shop, Nick was able to offer us several loan programs even though our situation was fairly complex and time was important.

During the loan process, we encountered several obstacles but Nick was quick to respond and calmly helped us identify and resolve those issues.  His constant and consistent communications provided a sense of security and Nick took the time to explain each step so that what could have been a confusing process was simplified in terms that were understandable.

In addition to assisting with sourcing and securing the best possible loan, Nick’s processing staff was extremely proficient and he referred us to an exceptional Escrow Officer, completing the entire end-to-end process.

I would strongly and unequivocally recommend Nick Vaccaro for all mortgage needs, his rates and service cannot be surpassed.


Mitch Bonilla

Cell: (858) 213-1117

Nick / Stephen,

I understand my loan funded today…  I am very happy to hear that this all worked out!  I really appreciate the high level of professionalism you demonstrated throughout this process…  I know I was a bit difficult at times.  Regardless of my actions you constantly maintained a positive outlook and followed through efficiently with all your promises.  I know I sometimes take advantage of our friendship and make things a little more difficult for you then they should be but that is why I always choose you for all my lending needs.  The initial recommendation you made with regards to how I should structure this refinance was perfect…  The amount of money I will now be saving allows me and family to have some disposable income to enjoy as a family!  I have given your number to a personal friend of mine in need of someone like yourself.  I hope he contacts you because I know nobody can serve him better than you.  Again, thank you as a friend and as client!!


Luis Batista.


Dear Nick —

I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have helped me over the last 6 months.  I know that you can see from my financials, and tax returns and hardship letter that the last 6 years haven’t been the easiest for me. Quite frankly, I didn’t think that I could ever pull myself back to a situation where I was financially stable and could provide a home .. . . all by myself. . .for me and my 2 girls.

When you looked at my 570 credit score and didn’t immediately hang up the phone, I suddenly didn’t feel quite so ashamed about the past few years. For me, this house is much less about four walls, and so much about regaining my self-respect and my independence.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience, and explaining things 15 times over and understanding how anxious I was about every decision and not getting frustrated with me. . . well at least not that I could see.. . .I’m sure Melissa knows different. (Ha). . .

I appreciate you working at 10pm last night when you could have easily said you would take care of it tomorrow.

In an industry that probably doesn’t have the greatest reputation for caring about the little people, you have been  an incredible  example of what it’s like to really invest in your clients. . . not just for the commission, but because you really seem to take an interest in people.  So , if you ever wonder if you have the power to change peoples’ lives. . you really do . . .because you did for me.

Thanks so much

Have an awesome weekend! I know I will:)

Nicole E.


Nick Vaccaro is the consummate professional.  Under his direction, the refinancing of our home went by quickly and efficiently.  His knowledge and calm demeanor made the paperwork seem easy, even though, we were on the other side of the coast.  Nick constantly answered questions or concerns at a moment’s notice via phone or email.  Whether at work, the gym or on the weekend, he was flexible to go through the numbers and provide solid advice.  Nick and his team were always polite, patient and diligent, going the extra mile.  One call does it all to refinance, just ask for Nick Vaccaro!


Jack Thorson



Dear Nick:

We want to personally thank you for the outstanding service you provided in funding and closing our home loan in Poway, CA.


Finding and closing the loan on time has never been an easy task. Our loan process was challenging at times, but you never gave up. You worked diligently to get us the best rate possible and we are extremely happy with the results.  You have made the impossible become possible for us with a smooth process.  You are so patient, personal and professional through the whole process with us.  No matter what time of the day, you were always prompt in returning our phone calls/e-mails and you seemed to work long and late hours.  No matter how big or small of the questions/inquires, you always walk through <every>detail and step by step until we fully understand the situation and the solution. You made sure we were being taken care of all the way around… Your knowledge, professionalism, sincere concern for your customers and attention to detail have set you apart from the norm. I have seen that perfection is not an act but a habit from you.

You have told me once that you want to be the best in your profession,  you definitely demonstrate that to me.  I believe you have also set the bar high for the people working in your field.  I cannot say enough thank you.     Our whole family (you know include my mother) hope we may have the opportunity of working with you again in our future.


Once again millions thanks to you.

Lili Liu & Kevin Pham



If you have the chance or the need to utilize Nick Vaccaro’s services please do!!!

Nick Vaccaro helped my husband and I get the house of our dreams.  Not a mansion but a home we love in the neighborhood we wanted.   Nick was recommended to us by our Realtor and by the time I overcame my fear of working with a mortgage broker and contacted him (the third time he sent us his information), he got right to work getting us the best possible deal with our restriction of using our VA loan benefit (my husband and I are both Veterans), and not having perfect credit history.

Nick was able to qualify us for a higher loan amount than USAA but at a lower rate which was a key factor for us getting our home, and not scaring us off by qualifying us for more than we could afford.  He worked closely with our real estate agent to work in a timely manner.  He was calm and reassuring when I had neurotic moments (we really wanted this home) and we were able to close within 33 days on a VA Loan home purchase.  We are so happy that we decided to put our trust in Nick and we would recommend him to anyone.

Thank you Nick, for helping us secure the financing for our dream home, and caring about our family.

The Incata family




Thanks a lot Nick. Your help in this whole process has been tremendous.  /  You are awesome – Thanks. /   Awesome!!!!! Thanks a lot for such a rapid closure on loan approval nick. Looking forward to the details on the first and the approval on the second.  /   Thanks a lot for your awesome help.


Anand V.



Hello Nick,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me negotiate through the entire loan process.  You were such a help.  I am not sure if I would have made it through if it were not for your patience and understanding.   I also really appreciated your insight and knowledge regarding my loan and rate options.  I look for ward to working with you again in the future.   thank you so much for everything.


Brent W. Rawson



Nick has consistently come through on every loan I have sent his way.  In the case of my most recent transaction, I was working with a buyer who wasn’t able to qualify with their original lenders.  However, after contacting Nick, he was able to qualify the buyer for the loan they needed to purchase their first home.  Nick got the job done when nobody else could!  Nick is resourceful, competent and solution oriented and I highly recommend him to get any transaction done.


-Jake Mumma, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties



My home buying experience literally started off as a nightmare. I wasn’t able to qualify for a large enough home loan and ran around in circles for months. Then, Nick stepped in. Where others failed, Nick worked his magic and was able to get me approved for a loan to buy the home I wanted. He was always accessible (even at night and on weekends) and kept me updated every step of the way. He’s certainly and expert in this field, and, honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to buy my home if it weren’t for him. He just knows how to make things work. I’d most definitely recommend him to all my family and friends


Melissa Gonzalez



“Considering buying a home in Southern California is a tedious task to say the least. It’s not a process that everyone finds themselves rushing to the front of the line over. It had been a relief when a really good friend of mine made a connection with Nick Vaccaro. Nick then called me and was very helpful to ease me into the process. Together he worked with Stephen Smith and many others to provide me the upmost and professional advice and guidance. Super easy group to communicate with.

This was really helpful considering this is my first home purchase alone. The process was stressful at times, but any questions I had were explained thoroughly and effectively. I did think there might be somewhat of a problem working with them as their office was in San Diego and I was up in Los Angeles. This soon proved to not even remotely be a concern. All in all, I can’t imagine doing this process without them. Thanks!”


Phil McDaniel

Nick was absolutely amazing from the first day I met him. I have done many loans in the past, but by far this has been the most smooth and efficient. The process was quick, easy, and the lowest rate I’ve had on any loan. I look forward to working with him again and have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family.

Dr. Bishoy Said


[This one is from a colleague’s client that I helped get her credit score up to qualify for a loan.  I did it as a favor for him, to help her get her credit score up.]

I also wanted to tell you that Nick did an absolutely amazing job assisting me with repairing my credit. He was very personable while maintaining his professionalism. His advice was practical and his strategies were extremely easy to implement. I feel like he went above and beyond in informing me of my rights and how to go about repairing my credit. I probably learned more from him in our short conversation than I learned from reading countless books on debt resolution. Thank you so much for linking me with him Michael. I really and truly appreciate it!


Aside from your amazing team, a friend of mine is also interested in your services. He is looking into buying property, but is questioning whether or not he is financially prepared credit wise. I believe his credit is decent and he may be ready to go, but he is open to whatever suggestions you have for boosting his score and his chances of getting approved for a low interest loan.

Please let me know if either you or Nick are able to assist him.


Again, thank you for all of your help! I can’t wait to update you with awesome news next month! :)))


Georgine A.


I call Nick the million dollar man because when there is a deal that NEEDS to be done and might have some hurdles involved, Nick can clear them all!  The ultimate professional at all times, Nick communicates regularly so everyone is on the same page, and anticipates issues so they can be addressed in advance.  He thinks outside the box so difficult situations can be resolved.  I have used him for both personal and business transactions because he is a problem solver and gets the job done!


My congratulations to him for all his accomplishments and he gets my highest recommendation.


Best regards,

Kathy Mayo

Devoted client



Nick has done numerous loans for us over the years and we will continue to use Nick because he is super knowledgeable & listens to our needs & does his best to satisfy them.


Lori and John Ivicevic


Thank you for helping me refinances my home under the HARP 2 program. I was skeptical at first under the assumption that because I had negative equity in my home I would not qualify. You guys educated me and walked me through the whole process to ensure I understood. I’m also grateful for offering significantly lower mortgage rates, and closing costs of my current lender, which was B of A.   I sincerely appreciate all your hard work. It’s nice to know there are some professionals out there with a high standard of ethics.


Thank you,

Adam Mazzilli



Nick would be the guy you need if you’re in a hurry to get a loan. He’s very prompt, thorough, and confident while making his best interest to give you the lowest rate possible.

Per Redfin

David Culbertson




Please let your whole team know that my family and I really appreciate the hard work and out of the box thinking that it took to overcome the challenges with my loan.


Eric Barnes




Thanks so much for the quick turn around. You and your team have been excellent and a pleasure to work with. We will see what we can find over the next several weeks and hopefully something will come up. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know looking for a loan.


Thanks again,


Aaron & Karyn


“There are none better! Nick Vaccaro is a consummate professional; experienced, knowledgeable and a true gentleman who can be trusted to get the job done.  I asked Nick to obtain the lowest interest rate and monthly payment and minimize closing costs. He delivered on all three and put a gigantic smile on my face.  And I am still smiling in my new house.  Thanks Nick!”


Reverend Bob Selekman, MDiv

Commander, US Navy-Retired




I am writing this testimonial to say that Nick Vaccaro is, well…he’s awesome to put it succinctly. He worked with me and earned not only my trust, but that of my entire family with his incredible knowledge, professionalism, kindness and plain good advice.  If you are looking for any kind of mortgage, look no further than Nick Vaccaro. He will take care of you with the best rates and service you will ever find. I heartily recommend Nick!

Julie Benn

San Diego, CA



I recently purchased a house in Oceanside CA after getting caught up in the housing bubble of 2008.  After that experience I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to purchase or willing to trust anyone again with this huge commitment.

Nick was there to hold my hand and guide me through with confidence and comfort.  A lot has changed since I purchased my first home and Nick was able to explain the changes and keep me on track for a 30 day close and for a VA Loan that’s amazing.  He was knowledgeable and attentive and during the stressful times he was funny.

Simple put He’s the best!!

Sheila Krout/John Landry (Ret. Military)



After having many frustrating experience with other lenders, I started using the services of Nick Vaccaro. His professionalism was like none other I had experienced. His prompt response time and attentiveness to my needs and my client’s needs was outstanding. His ability to close loans quickly and on time has made my job and my client’s lives much easier. He is always working to find the best possible solutions. I would highly recommend Nick Vaccaro for all of your lending needs!

Shelly Wilson

Co-Broker Trulia and Zillow




To whom it may concern:

Just wanted to write a quick note about my recent experience with Nick Vaccaro, my lender. For lack of a better word, he is one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met.

Numerous times throughout the process, several road blocks were thrown at my application and he always found a way to solve the issue at hand. He is also extremely friendly, very easy to talk to, doesn’t sound stressed at all, never blaming anyone. We also remained in close contact, keeping me informed and updated the whole time. He sounded very professional all throughout, reassuring me about the fluctuations in the interest rates, then securing me a solid and very low rate. The same can be said about his assistant Stephen Smith. A few times I was ready to throw in the towel and Stephen always reassured me saying, “We never give up that easily Enrico”.

My heartfelt thanks to both Nick and Stephen. They are extremely hardworking professionals and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a property. If you have any questions, you can reach me through my personal email, [email protected].


Enrico L. Sarmiento

Lieutenant Commander, US Navy (Ret)




Dear Nick,

Just wanted to send a ‘Thank You” for the great job you did on our re-financing. After having been rejected by Avalon Mortgage Corporation I was very skeptical as to whether or not you could secure a loan for us.

I was very pleased with your professionalism and the manner in which you stayed in constant contact with us during this complicated procedure.

Again, thank you. I will definitely recommend you at every opportunity.


Jim (and Nancy) Standard




Nick Vaccaro is the bomb. if you want to refinance, buy new home, buy second home or any type of loan, he is the man!!! Thank you Nick!!!!

Al Baldwin




“[Coming from the Real Estate Industry]I have worked with many mortgage brokers over the years, and Nick Vaccaro is one of the best mortgage brokers. Nick is both extremely knowledgeable about all the different aspects of home loans and a very hard worker. I approached him about a very difficult loan situation I had and Nick quickly got back to me, on the weekend, with a solution no one else had come up with.

Once the loan process started, Nick used his outstanding skills to keep the loan sold to the bank ensure things went as smooth as possible. I would definitely recommend Nick to anyone in need of a home loan or refinance.”

-Greg Sassenrath




In this day of poor customer service, I must say that Amerifirst Financial has so far been absolutely wonderful! Nick Vaccaro and Stephen Smith have been exceptional in not only handling my case, but providing the best in service regarding my questions, concerns, and communicating effectively and promptly.

Wells Fargo was my original lender, and what took them over 5 months to do, Nick and Stephen have been able to expedite inside of 2 and a half weeks!!! I am very appreciative of their stellar performance so far. These 2 have a work ethic to admire, and to me shine in comparison to other potential lenders I have communicated with. Our goal is to close this loan prior to the first of the year, and so far, this seems to be very achievable. They have turned what has been a nightmare for me into a peaceful, clear process.

Thank you for your follow-up. Great customer service is what separates the good from the bad. Amerifirst will definitely get my referrals in the future if they continue to keep up this exceptional work.

Best Regards,

Luke H.




To potential customers ….

Nick Vaccaro and Stephen were clear in answering questions regarding the process. All necessary documentation was accurately transferred to escrow. The cost of the loan, brokerage charge, and recording fees was reasonable.

The long term interest rate was estimated at an acceptable level. When the loan was “locked in” …we were surprised with a lower rate of interest. The resulting mortgage payment saves us about $550 per month. Even more surprising, all costs were paid from the escrow account, without cash outlay!

We are currently working with Nick on another finance project. Thanks to you for our success.

Sincerely, Paul and Kim Hamby




Having just refinanced our home, My wife and I would like to say how supportive and reliable Nick Vaccaro and his group were during this time. They managed to make refinancing our home a positive experience, hence reducing the stress often associated with the whole process. Over the few weeks our home was in the refinancing process, they kept us informed and regularly checked on our well being, making sure we didn’t become overwhelmed by the whole process.

Diane and I are pleased that we chose Nick and Stephen to refinance with. We wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. We would also recommend them to anyone of our FRIENDS.

Thank you,

D and S Smith

Saugus , California




We have been trying to refinance our mortgage for the past 3 years. We had pretty much given up, because nobody was willing to help us out. The bank would only pay attention to us if we were willing to pay unbelievable amount of money. We had bought the home for our family and it was getting to be very expensive.

It wasn’t until we received a letter from our friend Nick Vaccaro that we finally had hope in getting our house refinanced. Our house was backward and Nick was letting us know we had a good opportunity to bring our payments down. We were excited to use his wealth of knowledge of the mortgage and refinance business.

Nick quickly told us we could refinance our home. I was hesitant because are house was probably under $100,000 or more. He said our loan was backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and that we were eligible for a new program called HARP 2. Wow! Our dreams of refinancing were finally becoming a reality.

We faxed Nick all our information and he literally took care of the rest! It was that easy. Not only did Nick take care of all of the paper work, but he also explained everything he was doing. He never kept us in the dark. We got a mini refinance education from Nick and not everyone is that generous. Our interest rate dropped from 6.125% to 4.0 % and we are saving over $650 a month. We have two kids and another on the way, so this extra money is really going to help us out.

I can’t thank Nick, his family, and everyone on his team enough. They did such a fabulous job for our growing family.

Dave, Angela, Tanner, and Breanna

Scripps Ranch, San Diego