I know that there are a lot of choices out there mortgage industry. With that said, I’ve always been very appreciative of the opportunity to work with individuals that were looking for financing. I’ve worked hard to give my clients the best possible situation when qualifying for a mortgage.  I also realize that the decision to commit to any one person can be difficult.  Please know that our banking line and programs are the best available today.  Having personally seen the positive results that we have created in our client’s lives is a great feeling.


My background and degree are in finance, and I’ve been very passionate about helping people with their finances for many years.


More than ever, people need sound, strategic, dependable advice.  The lending environment has changed radically in the last 5 years, and so have the rules of trying to maintain solvency during this tumultuous time.  Most don’t realize that we’re playing in a new economic landscape and are still playing with yesterdays’ rules.  I’d like to share with you as much knowledge as possible about mortgages and finance to show you how to succeed where many are failing.  The landscape is changing constantly right now, so you have to be able to ascertain reliable information, assimilate it, and move on it.  That’s what we’re here for.


I’m focused on being the absolute best at what we do.  In doing so, I know that we’ll achieve the best results possible for our clients.  I want to personally assure you that our programs, pricing, speed, and dependability are the best that the industry has to offer right now.  If you come on board with us, your chances for success multiply exponentially.


I want to guarantee you our promise to do the very best job possible.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB.  And it’s important to me that we maintain that rating.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  I’ve looked at well over 100 companies and examined the important factors of each.  I’ve looked at banks, brokers, and warehouse lines, and I know I’ve found the best organization for my clients.


My direct number is 858-217-5363.  My assistant, Stephen or I are always available to answer your calls to address your questions.


Call me nights or weekends.


We appreciate the opportunity,







Nick Vaccaro
Mortgage Banker/Mortgage Broker