Real Estate Mortgage Banking Services

We offer the best mortgage banking experience available today.  Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or are in need of a short refinance through HARP, our rates, service and technology are some of the best in the industry.

If you find yourself struggling with your mortgage, and are considering a short sell or foreclosure, or have recently experienced a short sale of foreclosure, Vaccaro Consulting Group can assist you and your agent in getting you back into a home as quickly as possible.  While the process is not a short one, we are dedicated to helping the client eradicate debt, improve their credit score, improve their DTI, source funds, and ultimately qualify you for a new mortgage in the shortest amount of time possible.  Because of our background in banking, we understand the loan industry and it’s intricacies.  We have a number of banks that we work with, in addition to being a bank ourselves.  We have the ability to address the issues that most mortgage bankers don’t care to.  Through our services of mortgage banking, credit cleansing, debt restructuring and financial guidance, we’ve been used by many top agents to bring their clients full circle and put them back into a home.

If you’re a real estate professional, and want to better understand how we enhance your services, please contact us.  If you’re in the Real Estate industry and are looking for a reputable Mortgage Banker/Broker,  we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Vaccaro Consulting Group was built on the idea that the economy is struggling, and that most businesses and individuals are in need of legitimate financial solutions to help them deal with their economic struggles. Most Financial Professionals simply lack the financial expertise to give adequate financial advice as it pertains to individuals that experiencing financial hardships.  “I want to sell you something” is their ONLY solution.

As such, I’d like to show you a different approach to mortgage banking.  In this economy, the idea is no longer to sell the client something, rather our goal is to show you how to free up cash flow, pay off high interest debt, and recapture much of the wealth that has been lost over the last number of years.    Interest rates are at an all time low.  Underwriting guidelines are finally starting to ease.  It is because of our recognition of the inter-connectivity of all of these industries, and our comprehensive approach that helps make us the logical choice for individuals that are seeing help.

“We embrace the fiduciary responsibility that is inherent in any advisory role and offer a multitude of intellectual financial strategies for those in need of assistance.”


Restructuring of Debt

One of the most widely confused topics is one’s ability to restructure their debt. Most people miss the fundamental impact that cash flow has on a business or an individual. While most people have heard the saying that “cash is king”, we’ve always taught our clients that “CASH FLOW IS KING”. We’d like a chance to review your overall debt, and see if we can help to restructure your debt load with the idea of long term solvency in mind. Can a HELOC help?  This service is absolutely free to our clients.

Credit Cleansing

There are a number of ways that one can improve their credit score.  Sometimes it’s as easy as simply getting in touch with your creditors and knowing what to say.  Other times, it may involve a rapid rescore, or a full credit cleansing program through an outside vendor.  We’ve helped many clients improve their credit score for the purposes of qualifying for a future loan, by paying down debt, or getting erroneous information off the credit report.  If your credit score is something that you’re worried about, and don’t know if you’re qualified to buy a home, we can help.  I’d be happy to explain what your options are.